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About Us

What's all the "chatta" about?
Our goal here at Homechatta is to re-invent the conventional methods of home buying and selling. With a new generation entering the real estate market, we set forth to simplify and streamline this antiquated process with a modern, social approach.
First and foremost, homebuyers today are much more property savvy than they were pre-internet. Aren't most of us finding the homes that we want to see ourselves on the internet? No longer are agents the only people with access to what homes are available and on the market. Homechatta is an alternate platform for property buying and selling, aimed at those who are already doing most of the work themselves and question the typical agency fees that often exceed 4-6%.
We also realized that in today's hectic lifestyle, not every seller is eager to have a sign on their front lawn, open houses every weekend, and to drop everything to show their house in a minute's notice. The Homechatta platform provides both buyers and sellers the ability to gain direct access to one another to coordinate and dialogue at their own convenience, without the middleman.
Homechatta puts buyers and sellers back in the driver's seat and gives them the control of deciding how they'd prefer to market and search for their home without pressure or obligation, free of contracts, commissions and long term commitments
Here at Homechatta we believe it's your sweat equity, why not keep more of it?
Q: Why choose Homechatta?
Here at Homechatta we realize that every buyer and homeowner has their own unique set of wants and needs. Whether you require the flexibility of being able to communicate directly with buyers and showing your home at your own convenience or if you simply feel that you are already doing all the heavy lifting and would prefer to keep more of your hard earned money, it is our goal to provide an alternate platform for you to do so.
Q: What makes Homechatta different than the rest of the real estate listing services out there (i.e. Zillow, Realtor.com, etc)?
Homechatta provides the unique ability to market and search for a home without commissions, contracts, or obligation. Keep in mind, most other Real Estate sites out there are working for and with Real Estate agents, allowing them to market on their site and gain leads through it. Homechatta does not welcome soliciting from agents and we carefully vet our users to ensure that our message remains consistent. Our goal is simply to connect buyers and sellers.
Q: What fees are associated with the Real Estate transaction?
Homechatta charges a $9.99/monthly membership fee for use of the site. That is all. We do not collect fees on any real estate transactions that take place on or off the site. Like we've said before, the money should stay in your pocket.
Q: How does the "Swap Homes" process work?
For homeowners that are interested in simplifying this process even further, give our Swap feature a try. A user finds a home that they are interested in and offers to swap their home for it. If it turns out to be agreeable to both parties you would move forward as if it were any other Real Estate transaction. Enlist the service of a home inspector, real estate attorney, mortgage lender, etc.
Q: How do I value my home?
We leave this up to the individual to price their home as they see fit. Keep in mind, homes that are priced in line with their relative market will attract more serious buyers.